A vibrant exhibition highlighting colour, shape, and translucent wonder created by none other than UNSW Art & Design graduates, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, founders and directors of Dinosaur Designs opens this April at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

Dinosaur Designs are one of the few contemporary Australian design businesses to establish themselves as an immediately identifiable source of sculptural form both nationally and internationally.  For close to 30 years, Olsen and Ormandy have made objects that essentially embody the essence and experience of colour.   Their objects, whether worn on the body or displayed in the home, are almost always constructed of a gradation of a single colour set in resin.  The strength of their designs is their recognisable organic simplicity.

Now Sydney-siders and regional NSW residents can see examples of the creative source that drives both Olsen and Ormandy.  While known for their global Dinosaur Designs storefront successes, at heart Olsen and Ormandy remain artists. The Art of Dinosaur Designs at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery features large-scale sculptures, vases, tables, and giant disks of wall art, all inspired by the 2016 exhibition at Bega Valley Regional Gallery.     

In discussing their collaborative process, Ormandy says, “Each collection is a journey and you never quite know where the final destination is going be.'

And for those in the market for Dinosaur Design resin homeware items or a signature hand-sculpted bangle, the Gallery Shop provides a wide selection of options.

Special Event:  Art, Cocktails, Tapas, Music, and 10 minutes of Artist Talks

Friday, 5 May 6-9pm