PhD students S1 2017
This semester, eight new postgraduate research students have commenced thesis projects in the School. 

Pictured L-R in the photo to the left:

Matthew Males (with Scott Sisson), Natural language analysis of poison information centre free text data;

Manzoor Khan (with Jake Olivier), Identifying and accounting for regression to the mean in interrupted time series data;

Harry Gibbs (with Gary Froyland), New directions for the spectral method of transfer operators;

Robert Nguyen (with David Warton), Statistical Methods in Australian Rules Football;

Elliot Dovers (with David Warton), Cox process regression models for multi-species presence-only data in ecology.

PhD students S1 2017-----

Pictured L-R in the photo to the right:

Eduardo Vitarelli De Queiroz (with Moninya Roughan), Internal tides along the east coast of Australia;

James Totterdell (with Scott Sisson), Advances in Efficient Bayesian Inference and Statistical Computation;

Yi-Lung Chen (with Zdravko Botev), Modelling with rank deficient design matrix with exponential power priors.

A very big welcome to our new students!