Creative talent is expressed in many forms. Show us your portfolio and boost your chances of entry to UNSW Art & Design.

Dr Scott East, Director of Global Engagement shares his top tips for a great portfolio.


  1. We’re looking for potential, not perfection. Scott says, “What we’re looking for in your Portfolio is your capacity to experiment and explore, so choose works that demonstrate your breadth of ideas. They don’t have to be perfect – being a student is all about learning from experimentation.”

  2. ‘I have a dream?’ Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell us about your interests, commitment and where you’d like to take them. Scott: “Every year, I read hundreds of cover letters that start with, ‘Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamt of…’ We want to see your interests as an artist or designer, so keep this the focus and be concise.”

  3. Be selective. “You may have hundreds of works to choose from, so sort through them and pick out the best ten. It will be easier to pick your favourite six from this smaller group.”

  4. Presentation is everything. Scott says, “While we aren’t looking for perfection, we do want to see original work, not something copied from elsewhere. It’s important you put your best foot forward. For example, get a friend or relative to read through your cover letter to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.”

  5. Start today. “Putting together a Portfolio isn’t difficult,” says Scott, “but it’s much easier if you prepare everything in advance. Don’t leave it until the last minute.”


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