Name: Patrick Batch

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science

Graduated: 2001, 2007

Patrick Batch graduated from UNSW Canberra in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts before returning to complete a Master of Science in 2007.

Now, as Managing Director of BCT Solutions, Patrick reflects on his time in the Australian Defence Force and his move into a civilian career.

“I initially served as an Officer in the Royal Australian Signals Corps. After 10 years of service in the Australian Army I transitioned into civilian life as a Senior Consultant at UXC Consulting. I then worked for BHP Billiton as Technology Manager supporting both their coal mining businesses and Enterprise Resourcing and Planning Systems for the BHP Group.”

Patrick looks back on his transition to a civilian career as a positive experience.

“I was very lucky to have initially transitioned to a company that had other veterans working there at senior levels. The level of support and guidance they gave was exceptional and assisted me greatly.”

With his vast consulting and project experience, in 2015 Patrick made the move to found his own company.

“I co-founded BCT Solutions with Angus Heatley, who I met during my time at UNSW Canberra,” he said.

Elements of his UNSW Canberra education are still used in his day-to-day tasks as Managing Director.

“I found the approach to assessment [at UNSW Canberra] really promoted life-long learning,” he explained.

For those considering a move from the military, Patrick suggests planning as the key to a smooth transition.

“Plan your transition and give yourself time as your ideal job may not appear straight away. Reach out to your network and focus on finding the ideal work environment for you.”

He also advises that individuals should think deeply if leaving the ADF is the right move for them.

“The ADF provides a fantastic career and I have seen some great measures taken by the department to support retention within Defence.”

The Veterans Career Connect is an ACT Government initiative supported by UNSW Canberra that allows those transitioning from a military career to learn about and meet with veteran-friendly employers.