That’s where the beauty of sport comes in. This beauty seems partly to do with humanity’s reconciliation with the fact of having a body, the ability of physical recreation and competition to draw even the most cerebral among us into passionate presence with ourselves and the moment. 

In the men’s Premier, Reserve, Division 2 and U19s competition, the Bulldogs defeated their northern beaches opponents with laser-like precision. To the casual #TeamUNSW sports fan, these Gatorade-swilling gangstas seemed intent on dismantling their opposition and staking their territory as the master sportspeople they are. With some model students among the players, the only misstep they could be charged with is being criminally brilliant. 

In the women’s arena, a dry day on Saturday meant that Henson Park was open and last week’s suspended match between the UNSW/ES Bulldogs and the Southern Power was finally able to be played. The Bulldogs had some notable names missing on Giants VFLW duty, but there was still plenty of quality in the lineup. 
In the context of this season, it was a high-stakes clash. The battle for the fourth and last place in the finals remains in contention. Going into Round 12 the Bulldogs and Power were level on games, and separated only by a small percentage gap. This was a clash that could be pivotal to how the finals would take shape.
Packs were forming around the ball, stifling running players in what would be a hard-fought, low scoring match. Controlled steady play was the ultimately decisive factor and the Power gradually pulled away with five goals to the Bulldogs two.

In other AFL news, put away your mouth guard and pull out your dancing shoes, tickets for the 2019 Bulldogs Ball are on sale! The event will be held this Saturday 3rd August at the Clovelly Hotel. For event details head to the UNSW/Eastern Suburbs Australian Football Club Facebook page.  

Full Results
Men’s Premier Division defeated Manly Warringah 26.19 (175) to 5.6 (36)
Women’s Premier Division lost to East Coast 2.1 (13) to 13.8 (86)
Men’s Premier Reserves defeated Manly Warringah 13.13 (91) to 2.6 (18)
Women’s Division 2 defeated North Shore 6.7 (43) to 1.9 (11)
Men’s Division 2 defeated Manly Warringah 22.18 (150) to 3.2 (20)
Men’s Division 3 lost to North Shore 4.6 (30) to 8.3 (51)
U19s Division 1 defeated Manly Warringah 17.10 (112) to 6.7 (42)

The #Whalies won major victories in the men’s Sydney League and Premier League, while the women’s team reigned in the highly-ranked Esquires in a match characterised by a king versus regicide dynamic. 

Full Results
Women’s Sydney East Hockey Association 
UNSW 1 tied with Esquires 1-1
UNSW 2 tied with Sharks 2-2
UNSW 3 Gold lost to Dolphins 1-4
UNSW 3 Black defeated SGR 1-0
UNSW 4 lost to Bentstix 
Men’s Sydney League
UNSW SL1 defeated Monterey 6-2 
UNSW SL3 defeated UTS 8-0
UNSW SL4 lost to Monterey 0-10
Men’s Premier League 
UNSW PL1 tied with Moorebank Liverpool 2-2
UNSW PL2 defeated Sutherland 4-2
UNSW PL3 lost to Sutherland 1-4
UNSW PL4 defeated Sutherland 1-0

Ever since James Naismith invented men's basketball in 1890, was subsequently asked to create a women's version of the game by the Boston YMCA, and witnessed the spread of his creation to other countries via English schoolteachers in the early 1900s, netball has been a central feature of the Australian sporting landscape. One need only bear witness to the local matches from week to week to gage the passion that exists for netball at UNSW. Special performances this week include the Sies victory over Marrickville and the Blues narrow victory over a strong Bondi side. 

Full results
A1: UNSW Sies defeated Marrickville 64-23
A2: UNSW Pilots lost to Bondi 25-47
B2: UNSW Blues defeated Coogee 45-40
B2: UNSW Orcas lost to Bondi 35-56
C2: UNSW Omurais defeated Ascham 48-14
C3: UNSW Mobies defeated Minhi’s 60-18
C4: UNSW Fins defeated Mascot 35-14
C5: UNSW White lost to Saints 24-40

UNSW’s Tahlia Hanslow put the women’s team on the scoreboard but this was not enough to defeat likely finalists Nepean. The women’s team have another tough match in store next week against the Central Coast Mariners. 

In a heated match rife with cautionary warnings in the men’s competition, Nima Beik evaded the Fraser Park defence to equal the opponents in a two goal draw. The appetite for victory was palpable at Ilinden Sports Centre as #TeamUNSW pilgrims who had ventured across Sydney were screaming at them like they were a teenage pop band. 

Full results
UNSW Women’s lost to Nepean 1-3
UNSW Men’s tied with Fraser Park 2-2