UNSW Canberra Cyber has launched a podcast! Welcome to Password123 a podcast that will cover a range of topics from the world of Cyber.

Host of the podcast and an Industry Fellow at UNSW Canberra, Tom Sear, said the podcast delves deeper into some of the hot topics in what is one of the fastest growing research areas, cyber.

“Never has there been a greater need for understanding and awareness of cyber security issues. Password123 offers listeners the chance to connect with some of the most influential figures, the newest thinking and biggest issues in national and global cyber security, in a easy, engaging way.”

The season kicks off with an interview about what is undoubtedly the largest digital censorship system in the world; the Great Firewall of China.

“I was lucky enough to sit down with James Griffiths when he was in the country earlier in the year. James is an experienced foreign correspondent and talks candidly about cyber-sovereignty and his new book.”

The podcast is available through Soundcloud, iTunes and other podcast platforms.

You can listen to the first episode here.

UNSW Canberra Cyber is leading national and international collaborative research projects, and educating and mentoring the next generation of Australian leaders and thinkers in the field.

Through training and education, UNSW Canberra Cyber is working to combat threats to national security, the economy and the safety of individuals due to the exploitation of information systems and the proliferation of social media platforms.