We are proud to announce that Dr Jan Zika has won the 2020 Australian Academy of Science Anton Hales Medal. 

The Anton Hales Medal, which recognises research in the Earth sciences and honours the late Professor Anton L Hales FAA, is an early career honour conferred to outstanding researchers up to 10 years post-PhD. Prof Hales was the founding director of the Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU. 

Dr Zika has been awarded the Anton Hales Medal for his contributions to understanding the vital role of the ocean in the global climate system. He is an exceptional physical oceanographer who has revolutionised the quantitative approach to determining the ocean’s circulation and mixing by reformulating the problem in water mass properties (rather than in fixed geographical coordinates). This has resulted in improved understanding and more accurate estimates of the ocean’s storage and transport of heat and freshwater.

Dr Zika’s ideas have found direct application in understanding changes in global-scale atmospheric processes and in using ocean observations to more accurately quantify increases in the global hydrological cycle. The combination of Dr Zika’s deep insight, record of innovation, leadership and collegial approach is being recognised globally.

This isn't the first time that his world-leading research has been recognised. Dr Zika received the European Geosciences Union Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award in 2018.

The Anton Hales Medal will be presented to Dr Zika at the Australian Academy of Science's annual Science at the Shine Dome celebration on 28 May. 

 A very warm congratulations to Dr Zika for this prestigious honour!

WATCH: Dr Jan Zika discusses his research