Professor Tom Wu is ranked as one of the Global Highly Cited Researchers 2019! 

The 2019 Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers List features less than 7,000 researchers around the world in all disciplines with citation records in the top 1%. Prof Wu said "I am happy to be a UNSW SHARP hire and a HCR at the same time. This award gives recognition to the influence of our works on novel functional nanomaterials and underscores the critical role of collaborations with the most brilliant minds. I hope our works will motivate more students to carry out innovative research and to contribute to the discoveries of next-generation materials and technologies"

Prof. Wu has authored 280 peer-reviewed papers with 16,000 citations and a H-index of 72. His group explores the synthesis and properties of novel materials, particularly transition-metal oxides and hybrid halide perovskites with a focus on their electronic, magnetic and optical functionalities. He also serves as an Associate Editor for ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.