Covid-19 is having unprecedented effects on all aspects of society and the way we live our lives. While sport and active recreation may seem like a very small piece of that puzzle, the impact of many sporting activites being cancelled is wide ranging. From putting professional athletes out of work through to the mental and physical health impacts of everyday people needing to restrict their movement the flow on effect is huge and is touching everybody's lives.

We have gathered together some of the best resources for getting through a sporting hiatus, whether you are looking to take care of your mental health, keep physically active or just unwind by watching some sport. 

Keeping up your wellbeing

The Australian Institute of Sport has put together some great resources to help with mental health and wellbeing during this time. While these have been created with elite athletes in mind, there is reassurance and quality information to assist everyone in the sporting community. If you're a UNSW student, there is plenty of support available and plenty of resources on the Mindhub website that will direct you to the help you need.

Staying fit

There are plenty of great resources for staying fit while social distancing. Netball Australia got on the front foot for this one and set up a partnership with Netfit, who run fantastic home workout and nutrition sessions. Even if you're not a netballer, you'll get something out of the wide variety of workouts they offer. Football Federation Australia have also gathered some great resources for community soccer players and have demonstrations from Socceroos and Matildas from their own home workouts.

Our community partner Randwick Rugby are also doing some fantastic work on this space on their Instagram, with some great rugby tips and tricks. Whether you want to sharpen your skills or learn some new ones, get on board with them. Arc Sport UNSW are also putting out some amazing content on their Facebook page - whether you want to join a dance class, learn new sporting skills or build your strength, they've got options for you. You can join sessions live to get that community feel or catch up with sessions later.

Getting your sport fix

If - like us - you're finding yourself at a bit of a loose end without any live sport to watch, now is a great time to reminisce about sports days gone by. The Guardian has been running a great series called 'My Favourite Game' which looks back on some of the incredible sporting moments from all over the world. If you'd rather watch than read, there is an incredible YouTube channel with a huge collection of cricket videos from all over the world. Step back in time and enjoy some classic matches from this amazing archive. If you're looking for something to accompany you on your government mandated daily exercise walks and runs, subscribe to The Outer Sanctum podcast. It deals mainly with AFL (both women's and men's) and offers a more diverse range of ideas and perspectives than the mainstream football media.