George Williams

On Wednesday 15 July 2020 some important changes were announced by Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW’s President and Vice-Chancellor.

In brief, UNSW is moving to a new six Faculty model which will provide a strong new direction for UNSW Art & Design.

Noting we are a single-School Faculty, the School of UNSW Art & Design will move into a larger and soon to be established Faculty with the working title of Arts, Architecture and Design.

We will be retaining our Art & Design brand, maintain our Paddington campus, and we will have a number of exciting opportunities to work more closely with other like-minded Schools on the Kensington campus.

Other Schools joining this new Faculty are Built Environment, and the four Schools of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

By bringing together the creative arts, humanities, design and architecture into this new Faculty we are creating clearer and more attractive choices for students, and more opportunities for staff to interact with and connect their important research and teaching to colleagues at Kensington.

As you are aware, Art & Design already performs very well in most areas of research and teaching, and this will now allow us to play a more central role in the University.

Our links to industry are especially important, and this trans disciplinary approach mirrors what is happening in Australia and across the world in creative spheres.  

I do hope you are as excited about this new approach as I am, and I look forward to sharing more details about these changes as they develop. 

I’m very keen to assist the new Dean Professor Claire Annesley to bring this new faculty into existence, and will be working with her closely on the transition over the coming weeks.

Best regards

Professor Ross Harley
Dean of UNSW Art & Design and UNSW Chair Arts & Culture