UNSW Canberra graduate Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC (Retd) is a recipient of a 2021 UNSW Alumni Award

Brigadier Creagh received the Professional Achievement Award and is among eight exceptional alumni recognised for their professional and personal dedication to making a profound impact here and around the globe.

“It’s really humbling to win this award,” Brigadier Creagh said.

“To be honest, I was taken by surprise. I just do what I find important and what I enjoy doing.”



Brigadier Creagh completed a Master of Management Studies in Project Management at UNSW in 1995 and a Master of Defence Studies in 1997.

Throughout her career, Brigadier Creagh planned and supported numerous operations in Australia and overseas, including deployments to Cambodia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I’ve had so many exciting parts to my military career,” Brigadier Creagh said.

“It’s really hard to single out one single moment that makes me most proud, but I think serving with the men and women who do remarkable things every day on behalf of Australia, as part of the Australian Defence Force, leading and supporting them, I think that’s probably my proudest.”

Following 30 years of dedicated service, Brigadier Creagh retired from the Australian Regular Army in 2015.

Drawing from her Defence experience and university studies, Brigadier Creagh now has a focus on supporting veterans, defence industry and promoting cybersecurity.

Brigadier Creagh holds several board and advisory positions, including Strategic Defence Adviser - Land for the Queensland Government, Chair of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council for Veterans and Their Families, Chair of SME Gateway, Trustee of the Commando Welfare Trust, Chair of the Board of Governors for Military and Emergency Services Health Australia.

She is a member of the AustCyber Canberra Node Industry Advisory Group and was previously on ACT’s Defence Industry Advisory Board. Brigadier Creagh is also on advisory boards for UNSW’s Defence Research Institute, Institute for Cyber (IFCYBER) and Capability Systems Centre.

The eight 2021 alumni award winners pictured at UNSW's Kensington campus

Brigadier Creagh is one of eight UNSW Alumni Award 2021 recipients. 

“The thing that I would say to anyone who's starting out in their career is you're always going to be faced with challenges,” Brigadier Creagh said. 

“Know yourself and be a bit brave. Know when you’re not coping with something and speak out, get assistance and get help. That’ll help you throughout your life, throughout your working life, and to be honest, it helps others as well.”

UNSW Canberra congratulates Brigadier Creagh and all award recipients – their achievements in research, social impact, innovation and entrepreneurship are inspiring.

Read more about the winners on the UNSW Alumni & Giving page.