The second edition of a book by our academic staff members Fedor Sukochev, Dmitriy Zanin and Steven Lord has just been published. 

Singular Traces - Volume One Theory is the first complete study and monograph dedicated to singular traces. The text presents a complete theory of traces and their spectral properties on ideals of compact operators on a separable Hilbert space. The second edition has been updated on the fundamental approach provided by Albrecht Pietsch.

For mathematical physicists and other users of Connes’ noncommutative geometry, the text offers a complete reference to traces on weak trace class operators, including Dixmier traces and associated formulas involving residues of spectral zeta functions and asymptotics of partition functions.

More details about the book can be found on the De Gruyter website

"Each chapter begins with a summary of the main results and ends with comments and historical notes, which makes the reading pleasant despite the sometimes heavy technical details."  -- Mathematical Reviews