Fifteen members of the SPE UNSW Student Chapter undertook a field trip to Adelaide to attend the SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and visit the head office of Beach Energy, a rapidly growing Australian oil and gas company. UNSW School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering was a sponsor of the trip.

The Conference explored what the industry can do to lead a sustainable future of accessible and responsible energy. It gathered leaders, subject matter experts, technical professionals, and practitioners across the energy value chain to share the latest knowledge, best practices, and innovations.

“Attending the Conference was a fantastic opportunity for the students to engage with the Australian and international oil and gas industry,” said President of the SPE UNSW Student Chapter Liam Brunton.

“Students were able to make important industry connections and discover the wide range of career opportunities available to them in this industry.”

The Conference program consisted of technical presentations and panel sessions. In the presentations, students learnt about the latest research and technologies that are being developed and applied in the industry. In the panel sessions, industry leaders discussed challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, with an emphasis on building a future for oil and gas and increasing engagement between students and industry.

After the Conference, the SPE UNSW Student Chapter visited the Beach Energy Head Office. Beach Energy is a rapidly growing Australian oil and gas company. Sam Algar, Group Executive Exploration and Subsurface, presented an overview of the company and discussed the areas across Australia and New Zealand that Beach Energy is exploring and operating on.

A panel discussion with David Brink (Completion and Well Intervention Manager), Selina Wallace (Team Lead Offshore Otway), Andrew Fernie (Reservoir Engineer) and Peter Kokkoni (Senior Wells Engineer) offered first-hand insight into the roles and responsibilities of various exploration and subsurface positions at Beach Energy.

Students learnt about the day-to-day responsibilities of these positions and the different pathways the panel members followed after university to reach them.

Graduates Michell O’Mara and Juna Jamaluddin shared their personal experience and discussed the available career opportunities for graduates at Beach Energy.

“The trip was highly successful in exposing the predominantly international student body to the industry and the opportunities it offers. The industry connections they made are invaluable to kickstart a future oil and gas career in Australia,” said Liam Brunton.

The SPE UNSW Student Chapter visits Beach Energy Head Office in Adelaide

The SPE UNSW Student Chapter visits Beach Energy Head Office in Adelaide