Dr. Xiao Ying Wong, Dr. Zhouzun Xie, and Dr. Yuting Zhuo from the Shen Lab of ProMO attended the PhD graduation ceremony at the John Clancy Auditorium on 01/05/2023.They completed their doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof. Yansong Shen, making valuable contributions to their respective fields through their high-quality research and unwavering dedication. This event marks a significant milestone in the academic journeys of these outstanding individuals.

Dr. Xiao Ying Wong's PhD research, titled "Understanding of Bubble Behaviour and Optimisation of the Water Electrolyser Flow Channel Design for Hydrogen Generation," explored the bubble dynamics in water electrolysis systems and proposed optimized flow channel designs for enhanced hydrogen production. The findings of Dr. Wong's research have the potential to improve the efficiency of hydrogen generation processes and contribute to the development of sustainable energy technologies.

Dr. Zhouzun Xie's PhD research, titled "Multi-resolution Modelling of Polydisperse Particulate Flow in Solid-Liquid Systems." Xie's research provided valuable insights into the behaviour of complex solid-liquid flows, paving the way for the development of more efficient numerical models and better control and optimization strategies in chemical engineering processes.

Dr. Yuting Zhuo's PhD research, titled "Numerical Modelling of the Pyrolysis of Ellipsoidal Low-Rank Coal Briquettes and Pyrolysis Product Char Combustion in a Blast Furnace," delved into the realm of coal processing and combustion. Zhuo's research findings offer new perspectives on the pyrolysis and combustion behavior of coal briquettes, potentially leading to improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact in the ironmaking process.

To commemorate the special occasion, the group members, along with their friends and family, took photos to capture the memories of their achievements and the bonds formed during their time at UNSW.

Shen Lab of ProMO congratulates Dr. Xiao Ying Wong, Dr. Zhouzun Xie, Dr. Yuting Zhuo, on their outstanding accomplishments and wishes them the best in their future endeavors.