On May 9, 2023, we gathered to celebrate the annual prizegiving and graduation function with the graduating class of 2022 and younger year prize winners.

Earlier that day, the Class of 2022 received their Bachelor of Vision Science and Master of Clinical Optometry degree, joining us for the evening event along with Faculty, prize donors, key stakeholders, staff, other prize winners as well as their loved ones.

Professor Lisa Keay warmly welcomed everyone, congratulated the other cohorts that had also graduated earlier in the day including: Bachelor of Vision Science, Masters of Optometry, Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics and PhD’s. She acknowledged the challenges the cohorts faced during the pandemic emphasising the transformative nature of their education.

We were honoured to have Dr Kathleen Watt, Senior Lecturer and Director of Clinical Teaching, deliver the keynote address.

Kath shared her personal academic journey and offered valuable advice to the graduates. She encouraged them to embrace their future journey, emphasising the importance of planning, adaptability, enthusiasm for new challenges, and openness to diverse perspectives. Kath also highlighted the power of gratitude in navigating life's unexpected twists and turns.

The graduating class took part in the evening by handing out thoughtful gifts to all of our staff and comical prizes to their cohort.  They also shared their annual video of which the audience loved.

This evening celebrated the remarkable talent, dedication, and excellence within our school community. We are thrilled to recognize those who truly shone in 2022.