As part of UNSW’s 5th Diversity Festival, YN produced an event in collaboration with the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion and the UNSW Disability Innovation Institute. Each year, the festival has worked to enrich identity, ignite conversations, and celebrate the diversity of UNSW. Our keynote speech and panel discussion, More than Diversity? How we can think differently about power and privilege, featured Ellia Green OAM and UNSW community members, facilitated by Yuwaya Ngarra-li Senior Research Fellow Peta MacGillivray. 

Our aim for the event was to spark conversation and make people think deeply about the role of structures and institutions in either upholding or dismantling inequity. 

The event asked questions such as, what does 'diversity' actually mean, and how can we move beyond this concept to better achieve equity? How do institutions need to change to dismantle structures of power and privilege? Hear from the experiences of trans man and Olympic gold medallist Ellia Green OAM, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Peta MacGillivray and including UNSW community members Quinton Vea Vea, Osca Monaghan, Jackie Leach Scully and Melissa Golby.