Mathematics PhD student Yudhi Bunjamin has been selected to attend the inaugural Hong Kong Laureate Forum (HKLF), to be held at Hong Kong Science Park from 13-18 November 2023. 

The HKLF is a networking conference where 200 young researchers in Mathematical Sciences, Astronomy, and Life Science & Medicine, will converge to spend a week interacting with Shaw Laureates and other distinguished scientists. The Shaw Laureates are recipients of the Shaw Prize, awarded to individuals who are currently active in their respective fields and who have recently achieved excellence in academic and scientific research or applications. 

Yudhi Bunjamin has been a Casual Academic in the School of Mathematics and Statistics since 2017. His PhD is supervised Professor Catherine Greenhill, Dr Diana Combe and Dr Julian Abel. Prior to his postgraduate research, he undertook a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics), majoring in Statistics at UNSW.

Yudhi’s research is primarily in combinatorial designs, with a particular focus on block designs. Most of his PhD work has been on group divisible designs (GDDs). His research is mainly focused on the development of computational techniques for the construction and enumeration of small GDDs as well as the use of recursive constructions to prove the existence of some infinite families of GDDs.

Yudhi has contributed to the School of Mathematics and Statistics as Outreach Coordinator. He won the 2019 B. H. Neumann Prize, which is awarded for the most outstanding talk delivered by a student at the Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society. He also hosts The Neumann Talk podcast, where he interviews past winners of the B.H. Neumann Prize, and he coordinates a team of staff and students of the School of Mathematics and Statistics in the podcast’s production.

In September last year Yudhi attended the 9th Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany, which is one of the most prestigious networking conferences for young researchers in mathematics and computer science.

Yudhi will be joined in Hong Kong by fellow UNSW alumni Julius Constantin Wons (School of Physics) as a Mathematical Sciences Young Researcher, and Laurence Don-Wai Luu (School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences) as a Life Science & Medicine Young Researcher.

Congratulations to Yudhi, we wish him all the best for Hong Kong!