UNSW is Australia's most represented university on a federal government taskforce which has been established to define the future directions for built environment design professions.

The taskforce will be chaired by Warren Kerr, a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment and includes two Adjunct Professors from the Faculty; Ken Maher from Hassell and Tristram Carfrae from Arup.

The initiative, supported by the Australian Department of Industry Tourism & Resources, aims to maximise the potential of these professions to contribute to the Australian economy through creating a more effective built environment.

Established as a Strategic Industry Leaders Group (SILG), the taskforce will guide the development of an Action Agenda for the Built Environment Design Professions, including those working in architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, cost planning and project management.

Further details regarding the Action Agenda for the Built Environment Design Professions can be found on the Department's website at www.industry.gov.au