UNSW academic Professor James Weirick, Director of the Urban Development & Design Program, Faculty of the Built Environment, will be a key player in a panel of Sydney's leading urban design, architectural and planning experts that has been established by the City of Sydney Council to review major development proposals.

Also joining Professor Weirick on the panel are UNSW Adjunct Professors and graduates Ken Maher and Richard Johnson, as well as UNSW graduate, Peter Mould, the NSW Government Architect.

"This is a very exciting challenge and creates an opportunity for high-level debate and interest to be established across a range of design issues at all scales in the City of Sydney," Professor Weirick says of his appointment to the panel, "This will allow design and sustainability issues to be addressed as a whole, not as separate initiatives."

The panel aims to help the City maintain high standards of design, providing advice on improving the public domain as well as how public and private projects can achieve the City's environmental commitments. They will also play a role in shaping the Sydney 2030 plan, alongside the community and leading experts in culture, economics and transport.

Speaking about the establishment of the panel Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said: "This Panel will help build the City's reputation as a leader in design excellence and ensure that the design of public and private development projects contribute to environmental sustainability."