Five UNSW Law students are currently in China taking part in a model UN meeting at Heilongjiang University in the city of Harbin.

The meeting forms part of a series of activities undertaken by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) as part of the China-Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program 2007-2008.

The UNSW team, representing the Australian Human Rights Centre (AHRC) and the Faculty of Law, are representing Australia at the Model United Nations, implemented in cooperation with the UN Association of China.

The Model UN, which will simulate the proceedings of the recently established United Nations Human Rights Council, will include about 200 Chinese students from 40 universities across China.

Each participating university sends a small team of students who form a country delegation at the meeting.

The Australian UNSW team - comprising law students Kate Purcell, Renee Chartres, Guarav Sharma, Tristan Garcia and Madeline Ellicott - will 'represent' Senegal and draft, debate and adopt resolutions dealing with the two key themes of poverty and the right to education.

AHRC's Director, Associate Professor Andrea Durbach, believes that the team was chosen as a result of the excellent performance by the UNSW team at last year's event.

"Last year HREOC approached us to select a team to participate in this extraordinary opportunity. HREOC and their Chinese counterparts were evidently delighted with the involvement and contribution of the UNSW team and we were honoured to be asked to participate again this year."

Associate Professor Durbach said that the experience for students is "immeasurable". She said: "They undertake research, draft submissions, lobby, debate, exchange ideas, develop friendships and learn about new cultures and the mediation of human rights in different political and economic settings."

The UNSW team have been accompanied to China by AHRC and Faculty of Law representative, Dr Jane McAdam.