Sydney Festival presents the cinema of the future this summer at UNSW. Pioneered by UNSW's iCinema Research Centre, this new cinema form lets viewers create their own 3D cinematic experiences on a 360-degree screen.

The experience begins as viewers wearing special glasses stand inside a huge cylindrical cinema theatre. Twelve overhead digital projectors create high-resolution stereoscopic images around the screen, while audio is delivered via a 24-channel surround sound system.

Known as T_Visionarium, viewers using a special interface to select and sort video images from a database of over 20,000 video clips captured from 28 hours of free-to-air Australian television. Then magic happens as up to 300 videos fly about the fully immersive 3D cinematic space, arranging themselves in ever-changing narrative relationships.

"This technology means that television doesn't have to be something we passively consume, but a resource where we are the directors and editors of our own media experience," says iCinema Director Jeffrey Shaw.

iCinema's Chairman, Dennis Del Favero adds: "T_Visionarium is a way to integrate the physical and the digital worlds, making the digital more user-friendly and relevant to the way we would like to live in the world today."

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