Richard Buckland from the School of Computer Science and Engineering has added yet another award to a groaning mantlepiece after winning the Australasian Association of Engineering Educators 2007 Teaching Excellence Award.

The AAEE award recognises outstanding contributions to engineering education, taking into account both a teacher's technical teaching ability and their ability to inspire students.

Mr Buckland, a computing teacher who specialises in cryptography, picked up the award at a ceremony in Melbourne.

The award is the seventh Mr Buckland has won for his teaching style which continually sparks the interest of students. Last year he was named one of Australia's most outstanding university teachers when he won a prestigious Carrick Award for Teaching Excellence.

Mr Buckland said he was pleased with his award and was looking forward to another year of teaching.

"I've developed all these new hacking tools during the holidays and I'm looking forward to showing them to the class," he said.

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