UNSW now has three official channels on YouTube - an e-learning channel, a community channel and the primary channel launched last year.

In November 2007 UNSW became the first university in the southern hemisphere to be given an official channel on YouTube. This week, YouTube owners Google made a further two channels available.

With the e-learning channel, academic staff will now be able to leverage the power of the world's most popular online video outlet for learning and teaching outcomes.

The community channel, for both staff and students, will be a place to publish content like school and faculty activities, student projects, community outreach and higher education projects such as World Science Day.

Unlike normal YouTube channels, on which there is a 10-minute limit, UNSW staff and students have no time restrictions on the material that can be uploaded. This will allow longer format material such as lectures to be broadcast.

Learning and Teaching and the Office of Media and Communications are currently developing a complete video solution for the University. This will include a do-it-yourself, easy-upload function for YouTube and a new higher-resolution online channel called UNSW TV to be hosted on the UNSW website.

To experience your YouTube channels, click on the following links:E-learning channel, Community channel, UNSW Main channel