International and local students will come together for dancing, drumming, food and a multicultural music playoff this week at UNSW's first-ever International Festival.

The International Festival is the result of new collaboration between the Cultural Diversity and International Student Departments of the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Nadia Miranti,International Students Representative and Angie Rozali, Ethnic Affairs Officer, initiated the three-day fair as a way to celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of both international and local students and raise awareness of racism.

"The idea for the festival came from our belief that universities need to offer more support to international students who often feel removed from the wider university community," says Nadia.

Nadia left Indonesia four years ago to study commerce/law at UNSW and understands the difficult transition international students go through.

"Coming to Australia alone, dealing with study and trying to meet new people was hard enough, but some students have to cope with a language barrier as well," she says.

Angie said she hoped the festival would help students understand each other better.

"International students deal with unique issues and they need to find new ways to adapt. We want the festival to provide a supportive environment for students to really engage with each other, no matter what their cultural background is," says Angie.

Activities during the festival include a Yum Cha Festival, international film screenings, dance and drumming workshops, Chinese debating and a Rock Off Racism Concert.

For further information visit the student organisation ARC.

What: International Festival supported by ARCWhen: Tues 16th Sept - Thurs 18th SeptWhere: Kensington and COFA Campuses

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