Associate Professor Ron Cox, from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded Engineers Australia's prestigious Sir John Holland Award for Civil Engineer of the Year in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the profession and the community.

The award is presented annually by the Civil College of Engineers Australia to an eminent civil engineer who has made a major contribution in areas including leadership of an engineering organisation, involvement in major projects, research, service to the engineering profession and the broader community and advancement of ecologically sustainable development in engineering.

Professor Cox has been associated with UNSW's Water Research Laboratory since 1973. He was Director of the lab from 1993 to 2006 and for many years before that was Projects Manager. Professor Cox has led research, investigation and design teams for projects in every state and territory of Australia and for many others around the world.

During his time on Engineers Australia's National Committee on Coastal Engineering - including four years as President - Professor Cox was involved in developing a coastal engineering response to climate change - probably the first Australian engineering organisation to address this issue seriously - and co-authored several important guidelines publications.

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