World leading solar cell expert, UNSW Professor Martin Green, is a keynote speaker at the Asia Pacific's premier renewable energy conference in Sydney next week.

The Asia Pacific Regional International Solar Energy Society Conference 2008 (ISES-AP-08) has been organised by UNSW academics Professor Deo Prasad and Emeritus Professor Graham Morrison, in conjunction with the Australia New Zealand Solar Energy Society.

Professor Green, who leads a strong field of UNSW academics speaking at the conference, is the executive research director of UNSW's ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence, which has reported the world's first silicon solar cell to achieve the milestone of 25 per cent efficiency.

The new world mark in converting incident sunlight into electricity, which went to the team lead by Professors Martin Green and Stuart Wenham, was one of six new world records claimed by UNSW for its silicon solar technologies.

Speakers at the conference from as far afield as Canada, Austria and China will address issues ranging from sustainable buildings to biomass, and from solar thermal power to financial risks and opportunities.

During the conference the Discovery Channel will launch their new sustainability TV series, The Future Makers, which features Professor Morrison.

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