The work of renowned textile designer and UNSW academic, Liz Williamson, will be showcased in an exhibition series celebrating Australia's most outstanding and influential senior crafts practitioners.

Williamson, head of the School of Design Studies at COFA, is the fourth practitioner to be honoured in the Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft annual exhibition.

"It's an amazing honour and I'm very privileged to have been selected for my textiles. It acknowledges my work in education but also my service to the industry and involvement in arts and design organisations over the past 30 years," says Williamson.

The exhibition, Liz Williamson: Textiles, provides insight into the artist's unique understanding of cloth construction and the textural emphasis of her designs.

"The textured surface is very much a part of what I've done. Part of the charm and interest of weaving is that you can work with materials and create something very individual," she says.

Featuring a majority of new designs, including scarves, wraps and Jacquard woven works, the exhibition is an extension of Williamson's ongoing research into the uses and qualities of cloth, both as wearable items and objects in their own right.

Liz Williamson: Textiles will be exhibited at Object Gallery until 25 January 2009.

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