Recently shown at London's Tate Modern gallery, Figuring Landscapes is a remarkable collection of video, film and digital media that has grown from the political and cultural history linking Australia and the United Kingdom.

The 58 featured artists address questions of nation and identity as well as ecological survival, post-industrialism, gender, the touristic gaze, and, uniquely in Australia, the social, political and cultural status of Indigenous people in a post-colonial society.

Artists include Steven Ball, Daniel Crooks, Destiny Deacon, Catherine Elwes, Allan Giddy, John Gillies, Shaun Gladwell, Hobart Hughes, Susan Norrie and David Mackenzie, Mike Marshall and Patricia Piccinini.

When: 2 April - 25 April 2009Where: Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Arts (Selwyn St, Paddington)

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