Director of UNSW's Cancer Research Centre, Professor Philip Hogg, has been awarded this year's prestigious Cancer Institute NSW Premier's Award for Outstanding Cancer Researcher, the highest cancer research honour in NSW.

Professor Hogg was presented with the $50,000 award by Australia's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop, at a gala event in Sydney.

The NSW Government award acknowledges the potential for Professor Hogg's research to change cancer treatment and improve the survival chances of patients.

He is internationally recognised in cancer research for developing a dye that fastens onto dead or dying cancer cells and reveals whether cancer treatments are working just days into the course.

Professor Hogg's other breakthrough discovery of a chemical that stops cancerous tumours growing by preventing the growth of new blood vessels could extend the lives of patients. He has developed a drug, known as GSAO, which works to "starve" tumours to death. A patient with ovarian cancer in the United Kingdom was the first to be treated with the drug, with promising results. Further clinical trials are expected to begin in Sydney later this year.

"I am thrilled to receive this award," Professor Hogg said. "I am hopeful that the recognition the award brings will help us secure the ongoing support we need for the clinical trials of these new cancer therapeutics."

UNSW Dean of Medicine Professor Peter Smith congratulated Philip Hogg on his achievements.

"Philip is developing a new frontier of research and he is working to commercialise his discoveries to ensure they have major clinical applications," Professor Smith said.

"It's also a very appropriate award as Philip will be one of our key researchers in the University's Lowy Cancer Research Centre, which is due for completion by the end of the year."

Among the other award winners was UNSW PhD student Emily Colvin, of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, who won the Outstanding Cancer Research Scholar award for her research into pancreatic cancer.

More information about Professor Hogg and Emily Colvin's research is available from the Cancer Institute NSW.

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