Australia's Treasury Secretary Dr Ken Henry and businessman Tony Berg have been awarded honorary doctorates in business from UNSW, in recognition of their eminent service to the community.

Dr Henry was appointed to the top Treasury post in 2001 after a distinguished career in the public service. He is a UNSW economics graduate and an Australian School of Business Alumni Leader. He has a PhD from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand).

Addressing a recent graduation ceremony, Dr Henry said that graduates had an opportunity to learn from past successes as well as failures like the global financial crisis.

"What I want to say to you today is that governments have to be concerned with more than the nurturing of competitive markets and addressing negative externalities. And citizens have to be concerned about something more than the size of their next performance bonus.

"Citizens have to take an interest in community outcomes, and they have to find ways of involving themselves in the things that governments should be doing to help secure those outcomes."

Tony Berg is Executive Director of Gresham Partners and Chairman of Kaplan Partners, Chairman of the Australian School of Business Advisory Council and a member of the Board of UNSW Foundation.

Mr Berg has forged strong industry partnerships to support business education and research at UNSW and believes that business leaders and academics have much to learn from each other.

He is committed to help strengthen business education so that current and future generations have access to world-class business and management education in Australia.

In his occasional address, Mr Berg said: "Whatever I have done for the University and for the Australian School of Business is because I am passionate about business education. I believe that an understanding of one or more of the disciplines of economics, accounting, marketing, human resource management and information technology equips graduates to be better managers, administrators and team leaders. It assists judgement and better decision making."

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