New College students at UNSW have raised almost $15,000 to help a fellow resident receive much needed medical rehabilitation.

Around 30 UNSW students have joined forces to support COFA student Jared Pritchard, who suffered his third stroke in July. Two earlier strokes in high school left him physically disabled and requiring an electric wheelchair.

The talented musician and actor from the NSW Central Coast enrolled in COFA's Bachelor of Digital Media degree in 2006. He was half way through his Honours year when he suffered his most recent stroke.

Donations are still being sought to assist with the cost of Jared's rehabilitation. He has been in hospital since July.

Close friend and fellow student Scott Parlett helped coordinate some of the fund-raising events for the Pritchard family.

"Everyone at New College knows Jared, he's incredibly popular, so it wasn't hard to gather support," he said.

Eight of Pritchard's friends organised J-Ride 09, a bike ride between Sydney and Canberra that raised $5000. Scott also helped coordinate the J-Rock Benefit Concert at the Roundhouse that raised $10,000 for the Pritchard family.

"There were 500 people at the concert and I can honestly say that every one of them was a friend of Jared," said Scott. "He's had to cope with so much, but he's always done it with the most amazing humour, as well as being an incredibly talented student."

Jared's friends plan to extend their fundraising activities beyond the UNSW community later in the year.

Watch the Jared Pritchard Story (My Doco) video.

Donations to the Pritchard family are being coordinated by COFA lecturer, Simon Hunt, and can be made here.

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