It is with immense shock and distress that the UNSW community heard news of the deaths of Nick Waterlow and his daughter Chloe. Nick was the Director of the Ivan Dougherty Gallery at COFA and a much loved and respected member of staff.

Nick was a leading member of Australia's arts community, having curated three Sydney Biennales. He has been Director of the Ivan Dougherty Gallery since 1991 and was a senior lecturer in COFA's School of Art History and Art Education. His current projects included a book exploring the place of Australian art internationally and he was closely involved in the planning for COFA's new art museum.

Nick will be greatly missed by generations of students to whom he was a powerful mentor, by his colleagues at COFA and many friends and supporters in the arts community. We extend our deepest sympathy to his partner and other members of his family.

An obituary written by COFA's Associate Professor Joanna Mendelssohn is published in The Australian.