No government is seriously concerned about its impact on future generations despite intergovernmental reports and claims to the contrary, argues professor of public policy Jenny Stewart.

In an opinion piece published in the Canberra Times, Professor Stewart, from the Australian Defence Force Academy, says that every government, and this one is no exception, tries to be in control of the issues that appear before the public.

"Every connoisseur of politics will have his or her favourite agenda management technique. The essence of the art is anticipation, timing and, often, a way with words. Consider, for example, the way the Rudd Government has played the latest intergenerational report.

"In contrast to the classic techniques, which are about diversion and distraction, the government used the intergenerational report to draw attention to a number of problems in order not to have to do anything about them. The key lay in skilful use of the word 'projection'," writes Professor Stewart.

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