Professor Ross Buckley, from the School of Law, and PhD candidate in medicine, Benjamin Cheah, will undertake research in the US this year, after winning prestigious Fulbright scholarships.

Professor Buckley will travel to Duke University in North Carolina on a Senior Scholarship to undertake a project in international finance law focusing on regulatory responses to the global financial crisis.

"The EU, UK and US are all in the process of enacting regulatory responses to the global financial crisis," Ross said. "These reforms will help, but all of the thinking behind these reforms is straight from the box that brought us the GFC," he said.

Professor Buckley believes the GFC requires systemic, not mere national, reforms.

Benjamin Cheah will use his Fulbright New South Wales Scholarship to research motor neurone disease (MND) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, where he'll be based for 12 months.

"I plan to research MND from angles that are different from what constitutes current, mainstream practise in neuroscience, particularly in Australia," he said.

Cheah hopes to establish a neuro statistics group at Neuroscience Research Australia when he returns.

Three UNSW alumni have also been awarded Fulbright scholarships.

Julia Mansour, UNSW law graduate and Associate to Justice Virginia Bell at the High Court of Australia, has won a Postgraduate Scholarship to Columbia University to study human rights law focusing on domestic violence and women's rights in terms of sustainable development.

Associate Professor Hylton Menz, who has a doctorate from UNSW, has received a Senior Scholarship to the Institute for Aging Research at Harvard University to research foot pain.

Angelina Hurley, a UNSW Master of Arts graduate, has won the Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship. She will study in LA and New York to gain experience in comedy writing for film and television.

For more information on the award recipients, go to the Fulbright website. Applications for the 2012 awards open on June 1.

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