Mahatma Gandhi: His Life in Pictures is a visual retrospective of the life of the Indian independence leader, on loan to UNSW from the Consul-General of India in Sydney, Mr Amit Dasgupta.

Comprising 50 black and white photographs, the exhibition chronicles Gandhi's life from 1910 until his assassination in 1948, one year after independence from Britian.

From his childhood in India, university days in the UK, and years of practising law in South Africa before his return to India in 1915, the images show his extraordinary transnational life.

Also known as the mahatma or "great soul," Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is credited with bringing non-violence and truth to politics and inspiring Indians to fight for independence through civil disobedience.

A lawyer by profession, Gandhi was a resolute foe of discrimination and proved that a life of simplicity and truthfulness was more powerful than any weapon. His legacy lives on and his story inspired activists the world over, from Martin Luther King Jnr to Nelson Mandela.

The photos are being exhibited in the Hong Kong Room in the John Niland Scientia Building.

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