COFA will offer scholarships and workshops for Indigenous artists to the tune of $120,000 under a new agreement that builds on the Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize.

The scholarships will be offered to two Indigenous art students each year - one enrolled in postgraduate studies and the other in undergraduate studies.

COFA will also host professional development workshops for talented Indigenous artists.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Parliament, Cambelltown City Council, Arts NSW, COFA and Coal & Allied to establish the scholarship and to double the value of the main art prize to $40,000.

The overall package of scholarships and prizes is now one of the richest Indigenous art incentives on offer in Australia.

"COFA is delighted to be able to add professional development and artist training scholarship opportunities to the Parliament of New South Wales Aboriginal Art Prize," said Professor Howard.

"Recipients will increase their skills, broaden their experience and ideas as well as being prepared for leadership positions through attaining university qualifications," he said.

The new partnership will run until at least 2015.

Media contact: Susi Hamilton, UNSW media, 0422 934 024