The climate change debate has taken UNSW’s Gemma Borgo-Caratti to the other side of the world for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Gemma attended the conference with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) to participate in ‘The Conference of Youth’, co-organised by various groups to strengthen the International Youth Climate Movement.

A first-year Masters of Environmental Management student, Gemma took a particular interest in climate change after completing an internship at the Centre for Policy Development.

“I knew that it was my responsibility as a young woman in the 21st century to stand up and give another voice,” she said.

Gemma facilitated several workshops to teach young South Africans how to make a difference within their communities.

“The hundreds of young people we have reached out to are now equipped with new skills to start their own youth climate organisations all around the world. So much has been achieved educating and inspiring young people from all over the world."

Gemma blogged about her experience at the conference and feels positive about some of the outcomes.

“I’m pleased to see progress being made with the announcement of $100 billion a year to the Green Climate Fund by 2020 and talks of a legally binding treaty to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.