UNSW is the first university in the country to formally partner with its student organisation to deliver more students services and an enhanced campus environment.

The agreement was signed by Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer and Chair of Arc Natalie Karam, who said it reinforced the shared goals of both organisations.

“It reflects another level of the maturing of the relationship between UNSW and Arc, one that continues to make a strong and positive contribution to student life,” Professor Hilmer said.

“Arc and UNSW are both national leaders in their respective areas so it makes a lot of sense for us to work even more closely together to deliver expanded services,” said Ms Karam.

The partnership agreement follows the recent introduction of the Student Services and Amenities Fee, which restores the direct funding to universities lost through Voluntary Student Unionism.

“While UNSW has maintained support facilities by funding the VSU gap, these fees will allow us to further strengthen capacity in student services,” Professor Hilmer said. UNSW will allocate more than half of the $6 million-plus that it collects in fees directly to Arc. This represents a significant increase on last year’s funding provided by the University. Elected student representatives will be involved in discussions about priority areas for funding.

The University will explore capital funding opportunities for developing and expanding the student precinct on campus and is looking at committing additional funds for sports club resources.

“The University has been very open in its consultation process with Arc and happy to consider our strategies and plans,” said Ms Karam.

Media contact: Denise Knight, UNSW Media Office, 9385 8920