Not sure which degree to choose or need help changing preferences?

Come to UNSW Info Day on January 3  (9am-4pm) to experience the University up close, chat with academics and students and attend information sessions before the deadline to finalise your UAC preferences.

Check out the Info Day website to find out what’s happening and to plan ahead.

The deadline for changing main-round UAC preferences is January 4. There will be computers for students to change their preferences while the information is still fresh.

“Info Day is a great way to experience first-hand every area of the campus, rather than just speaking to someone over the phone,” says Steve Sumter, Manager, Student Recruitment at UNSW.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet current students and talk to them about what life is like at university today.”

For more information, contact Student Recruitment on (02) 9385 1844 or email