UNSW academics David Sinclair and Justine Rogers are among a stellar line up of speakers at this weekend’s TEDxSydney – the festival of ideas worth spreading.

TEDxSydney takes place on Saturday (May 4) in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House before a live audience of more than 2000. It will also be streamed live to a worldwide audience.

David Sinclair is a scientist and entrepreneur working on increasing human health, productivity, and lifespan.

Director of UNSW Medicine’s Laboratory for Ageing Research, Professor Sinclair founded the Glenn Laboratories for Aging Research at Harvard University, where he is also a tenured Professor.

His research is aimed at understanding why we grow old and using this knowledge to prevent and treat both rare and common diseases. He is perhaps best known for identifying resveratrol from red wine as an anti-aging molecule.

Also speaking at the event is UNSW Law academic and comedian Dr Justine Rogers, who specialises in the sociology of elites, professional identity and ethics.

Her Oxford doctoral thesis was an ethnographic study of UK barristers.

As well performing solo standup, Rogers is a member of the festival hit comedy trio, Aggressively Helpful. She founded Nerd Nite Sydney, a monthly event at a bar in which academics and other experts share their passions in deeply educational, but fun and inclusive ways.

For more information about TEDxSydney and ways to watch the streamlined event go to Tedxsydney.com