Researchers from UNSW’s Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) are asking 2,000 young people from across NSW to take part in an online survey about sex, relationships, partying, alcohol and drugs.

Project 1626, Speak Up invites participants aged 16-26 to anonymously answer questions about their sex and social life.

Chief investigator, Dr Philippe Adam, says sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are on the rise among young people in Australia and knowledge of condom use and STI testing remains low.

He said the survey aims to help researchers understand the range of social factors that shape young people’s behaviour. 

“To improve young people's sexual health it is essential to listen carefully to their experiences and understand their perspectives and needs,” says Dr Adam.  “In this survey we are interested in understanding what motivates or prevents young people taking care of their bodies, partners, and their sexual health.” 

Professor Carla Treloar, Deputy Director of the CSRH, who has conducted research at music festivals, says young people’s knowledge of hepatitis C is also limited with one-third of young people unaware of the risks associated with tattooing. 

“It is extremely important that we understand what young people know about these practices so that we can teach them to be safe," she said.

Jesse, 20 said : “I like the survey. I’m pretty open with my friends about partying and talking about stuff. But there’s a few things that are harder to talk about sometimes. I did the survey and was totally upfront”. 

The project will assist development of health promotion campaigns and interventions for young people across New South Wales. 

Access the survey here   

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