• Heatwaves and extreme weather

More than 100 heat-related records have been broken in Australia over the past year – Dr Sarah Perkins from the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW is an expert on Australian climate extremes | 0400 933 793 

  • How to avoid junk food and binge eating this Christmas

Professor Margaret Morris from the School of Medical Sciences looks into the effects of junk food on the brain and self-regulation | 0404 790 699

Dr Lenny Vartanian from the School of Psychology looks into the psychology of eating and weight, body image, social influences on diet and self-regulation | 0403 671 767

  • Economic outlook for 2015

Tim Harcourt, author of The Airport Economist and J.W. Nevile Fellow in Economics at the Business school can talk about the economic forecast for 2015 as well as the economics of cricket and tennis | 0408 485 479

  • Drug use and the party season

Alison Ritter is an internationally recognised specialist in illicit drug policy and Professor at UNSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre | 0419 137 513 or contact Marion Downey 0401 713 850

  • Grandparent carers – financial and emotional pressures over the school holidays

The summer holidays are a time of considerable financial and emotional pressure for grandparent carers. Dr Bridget Jenkins from UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre is the co-author of the first national assessment of full-time grandparent carers, Grandparents raising grandchildren | 0403 681 590

  • Developments in the Middle East, terrorism and international law

Dr Anthony Billingsley from the School of Social Sciences is a Middle East expert whose specialist interests include political succession in the Arab world, the role of constitutions and law in the region, and the politics of the Gulf, Syria and Egypt | 0407 250 308

  • How to spot a rip and stay safe in the surf

Professor Rob Brander from the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, has found rips kill more people than shark attacks and natural disasters | 0401 420 962

  • Reducing the holiday road toll

Raphael Grzebieta is Professor of Road Safety at the Transport and Road Safety Research Centre at UNSW | 0411 234 057

  • Minimise cyber dangers for your kids

Tablets and smart phones are among the most popular gifts at Christmas, especially for teenagers. But what are the risks parents should be aware of and how should kids deal with cyberbullying? Professor Ilan Katz from UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre and author of Youth Exposure to, and Management of, Cyberbullying Incidents in Australia.

  • What’s on: How to build your own bionic bits

Come and visit the Museum of Human Disease and find out how to build a bionic person. Hands on activities for younger kids, and bionic Buildathon workshops for high school students (14-18). So get your geek on and experiment with nerve impulses, muscle control and bionic engineering. Activities will include 3D printing and investigations with bionic eyes. Contact Derek Williamson, Director of the Museum of Human Disease | 0409 901 111

Media contact: Steve Offner, UNSW Media Office | s.offner@unsw.edu.au | 0424 580 208