The professors are making major contributions to many of the big challenges facing our society, and inspiring a new generation of scholars. Among those featured are the two newest female Scientia Professors: chief scientist of the Black Dog Institute, Helen Christensen, who is developing suicide prevention technologies, and Katharina Gaus from Medicine, who is investigating the rules that govern single molecules.

Three Australian Laureate Fellows and one ARC Future Fellow round out the list of Scientia Professors. They are chemical engineer Rose Amal, who is developing clean fuels from recycled carbon dioxide; materials scientist Veena Sahajwalla, who is leading an $8.8 million ‘green manufacturing’ hub; physicist Michelle Simmons, who is developing a scalable quantum computer; and Jane McAdam, who heads the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law.

“While each professor has her own story of success, all share a particular trait,” says Professor Les Field, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). “They approach their high-stakes research in decidedly creative ways; pushing boundaries, taking risks and tackling problems from a different perspective.”

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