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As Aung San Suu Kyi's party prepares to take power in Myanmar, UNSW Law is hosting a conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges the country faces after more than 50 years of military-backed rule.

Organised by Myanmar expert, UNSW’s Dr Melissa Crouch, the conference will bring together scholars from Australia and overseas to discuss what the recent general election means for Myanmar’s business, foreign investment and legal system.

Reforming the judicial system will be a key issue for leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), Ms Suu Kyi, says Dr Crouch, a law lecturer at UNSW.

"She will also have to deal with a parliament that still has 25 per cent of its seats reserved for the military," says Dr Crouch.

Dr Crouch, who was in the Myanmar capital Yangon for the November general election, noted the new government will have to address a legacy of polices from the period of socialist and military rule.

“When the NLD takes office in February, next year, it will confront a pressing range of economic, social and political issues. Addressing these will require a clear and stable legal framework,” says Dr Crouch.

Dr Crouch’s research focuses on law reform and public law in Southeast Asia. She is the lead co-editor of “Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar”, which includes contributions from leading scholars on a range of key legal issues now facing the country.

What: The Business of Transition in Myanmar

When: 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 27 November 2015

Where: Boardroom, Level 2, UNSW Law, Kensington Campus

Contact: Dr Melissa Crouch:  0481 573 445