Nura Gili, UNSW's Indigenous Programs Unit and Randwick Rugby joined forces on Saturday to celebrate Indigenous Day at Randwick Rugby Club in a game against Sydney University.

As part of the celebrations, Randwick wore playing strips designed by artists at Nura Gili to showcase Indigenous culture and the work that Nura Gili carries out on campus and in the community.

The playing shirts were signed by the team and Indigenous representatives at Randwick Rugby and will be auctioned to raise money for Indigenous causes. The unique shirts featuring the Indigenous design will also be available for sale. 

"We are pleased to support Randwick Rugby club and work with them to encourage and support Indigenous students,” says Michael Peachey Student Services Manager, Nura Gili Indigenous Programs.


Nura Gili's Michael Peachey (second right) and Scott Parlett (fourth right) with Nura Gili students.

Randwick Rugby has a strong history of links with the Indigenous community on and off the field. A number of present players are also students in the Nura Gili program at UNSW, which provides pathways and support for prospective and enrolled Indigenous students to study in all faculties and programs.

“Randwick Rugby has three core values which drives our program: Performance, Learning and Legacy and these values align strongly with what Michael and the team at Nura Gili deliver. We look forward to working with their staff and students on campus closely to support our players and the broader community,” says Randwick Director of Rugby, Nick Ryan.

Nura Gili staff are committed to ensuring Indigenous participation and access to all the services it and UNSW offers. Nura Gili also provides a focus for Indigenous knowledge, culture and histories at UNSW and across the wider community.

The words Nura Gili are from the language of the Eora Nation, Nura meaning ‘place' and Gili meaning ‘fire/light'. Nura Gili at UNSW brings together these concepts to create the meaning ‘place of fire and light'.  The theme of place remains important to the many cultures of Indigenous Australia.

“Nura Gili values the potential that education can offer, and with the theme of the fireplace in mind, we invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to gather, learn and share together," says Peachey.


Randwick Rugby players wear the Nura Gili designed shirts.

UNSW acknowledges and recognises the traditional lands of three separate Aboriginal communities on which its campuses are situated: the Bedegal (Kensington campus), Gadigal (City and College of Fine Arts Campuses) and the Ngunnawal people (Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra).

The Randwick Rugby website and social media will carry links to purchase the jerseys worn on the day as well as more information on the Nura Gili program and education opportunities available through the program.

Randwick won the game against Sydney University 36-26. Visit the Randwick Rugby Club website for game day details.