On Ops: Lessons and Challenges for the Australian Army Since East Timor

Edited by Tom Frame, UNSW Canberra, and Albert Palazzo

In the 25 years since the end of the Cold War, Australian Army personnel have been deployed around the world, from Rwanda to Cambodia, Afghanistan to Iraq. On Ops is an insightful collection of essays exploring the lessons and challenges that have arisen for the Australian Army since 1999, when its peacekeeping taskforce was deployed to East Timor. In a constructive critique of the modern army, it addresses the issues from a range of perspectives – politics and policy, strategy and tactics, intelligence and logistics, health care and ethics. Contributors include David Horner, John Howard, Peter Leahy and an eclectic array of military historians, academics, intelligence experts and former and present serving army personnel.

UNSW Press


The Tim Carmody Affair: Australia’s Greatest Judicial Crisis

Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Gabrielle Appleby, Andrew Lynch, UNSW Law

When Tim Carmody, a former police officer, was sworn in as Chief Justice of Queensland in 2014, he had been Chief Magistrate for only nine months and had never served on the Supreme Court. It was one of the most controversial judicial appointments in Australia’s history. Chaos ensued. How could someone with a limited judicial background be appointed to such a powerful position?

The Tim Carmody Affair explores his damaging and divisive tenure and the judicial rebellion that followed. It also proposes ways Australia can improve the process of judicial appointments to avoid a repeat of this kind of controversy.



Doping in Sport and the Law

Edited by Deborah Healey, UNSW Law, and Ulrich Haas

This is a collection of insightful reflections by experts on the interaction between theory, policy and law in the context of doping in sport. Co-editor Deborah Healey is also the author of Sport and the Law, which has been continuously in print since 1989, and she has considerable experience as a chair and tribunal member across a number of professional and grassroots sports, including the Australian Olympic Committee. The 14 chapters explore everything from cannabis testing and the implications of doping regulation for employment law, to whether the World Anti-Doping Code actually deters doping, and how commercial interests influence anti-doping regulation.



Natural Hazards in Australasia

James Goff, UNSW Science, and Chris de Freitas

UNSW tsunami expert James Goff has co-edited the first textbook to be written on the fire, drought, flooding rains and other natural phenomena that plague Australia.

The book, which also covers cyclones, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,

helps redress an imbalance in the material available to students of physical geography.

“Many ideas about natural hazards have been developed in Australasia, and yet they are seldom seen in textbooks because these books have invariably been written from a northern hemisphere perspective,” says Goff, who hopes the book will provide examples and observations that will put “a new perspective on the issue of natural hazards”.

Cambridge University Press


Not Just for This Life: Gough Whitlam Remembered

Edited by Wendy Guest and Gary Gray

Not Just For This Life is a tribute to Gough Whitlam, commemorating what would have been his 100th birthday. Upon his death in October 2014, there was a national outpouring of grief and affectionate remembrances across the nation. This book includes condolences from politicians of all political stripes, eulogies from the State Memorial Service and a broad selection of messages of condolence. It also includes a foreword by Graham Freudenberg and short introductions by Laurie Oakes, Anita Heiss, Geraldine Doogue, Don Watson, Patricia Hewitt, Nick Whitlam and Tim Soutphommasane, in which they share stories of their experiences with Whitlam.