Corruption, climate change and the sometimes violent ramifications of the oil trade will feature in the 2016 Jack Beale Lecture on the Global Environment to be delivered at UNSW next month (2 November).

Speaker Leif Wenar is Chair of Philosophy and Law at King’s College London, a Visiting Professor at Stanford and the author of Blood Oil: tyrants, violence and the rules that run the world.

His book investigates how the natural resources trade has resulted in consumers directly funding some of the world’s most ruthless dictators.

In his lecture, Professor Wenar will outline his views on how the ‘resource curse’ threatens the West and the need to reform the international trade system to address urgent global problems like climate change.

Professor Wenar is visiting the Practical Justice Initiative at UNSW as a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

Event Details

What: Blood Oil – Professor Leif Wenar delivers the 2016 Jack Beale Lecture on the Global Environment

Where: UNSW Kensington Campus, Science Theatre

When: 6pm, Wednesday 2 November 2016

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The Jack Beale Public Lecture Series was established in 1999 by the Honourable Dr Jack Beale AO, a passionate advocate of environmental management and the first Minister for the Environment in Australia (NSW Parliament).