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To address a high demand for data scientists who can make discoveries and gain business insights from analysing complex datasets, UNSW has launched a new three-year multidisciplinary degree – the Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions.

Data scientist was judged the ‘Best Job of the Year’ for 2016 by online job websites and Glassdoor, based on salary, demand, career opportunities and work-life balance.

These professionals are required in a range of businesses and industries including marketing, mining, retail, health and transport, where organisations have to contend with growing volumes of data and information.

The potential for data analysis to impact big and small decisions in our lives is endless.

Students undertaking the new UNSW degree will benefit from the expertise of staff in three faculties, from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, and the UNSW Business School.

“Data scientists and analysts are in very high demand globally, particularly in key metropolitan areas and financial capitals of the world, including New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Sydney,” says Professor Bruce Henry, Head of the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics.

“It is not just a high growth job; it is also one of the most lucrative. And many women have taken up prominent positions within the field.

“Our new degree is a unique multidisciplinary program that will equip students with skills in mathematical methods, statistics, computing, business decisions, and communication.”

Data scientists excel at looking at the big picture, and networking, relationship building, strategic thinking, and attention to detail are also essential elements of the job.

Leading women in the field include Google’s Head of Research, Corinna Cortes; Co-Founder of Coursera, Daphne Koller; Founder of Fast Forward Labs, Hilary Mason; and Founder of Analytical Solution, Carla Gentry.

“Data science is important because it allows us to better understand the world we live in and to provide better services and more personalised services to people," says Professor Valentyn Panchenko of the UNSW Business School.

Ron Elazar, a senior consultant at Deloitte Australia and graduate of the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics, says: “Data science and decision modelling are increasingly essential tool for businesses to thrive in a competitive global environment.”

One of the best things about the job is that the skills are transferable to different applications, says Annelies Tjetjep, Customer Success Manager at SAS Australia: “The potential for data analysis to impact big and small decisions in our lives is endless. From forecasting the peaks and troughs of chocolate biscuits in your local supermarket to pushing out intervention programs at the right time to people who are at high risk of falling into debt.”

For more information see the program website.