As 20-something graduates from UNSW, Felicity Stewart and Matthias Hollenstein beat out experienced international rivals to win the design competition for the $40 million library and plaza at Green Square in Sydney’s inner south. 

Their design, in association with Stewart Architecture, creates a public square and a library in the same space. It’s due to open in 2018. “We went straight for champagne of course! The win validated our design and approach, but also importantly, the role of young people in architecture and city making.  

“Cities are a shared space and need to be designed by a range of people,” says Hollenstein. 

“We are firm believers in making space for people in our cities; space to gather, celebrate, protest, people watch, make art, play and eat together,” says Stewart. “We recognise the critical role the library and square will play in the lives of the community and with the project now well into construction, we feel proud to be shaping one of the city’s new urban centres.”