Our bumper Summer issue looks at the future of Sydney, a city that is beautiful one day, infuriating the next. We investigate how UNSW is helping to harness innovations to make the Sydney smarter and more liveable, and at the same time to protect and preserve those human elements that make the city such an iconic place to live.

In our feature story, UNSW Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Farrelly unpacks what constitutes Sydney’s “coreness”  and ponders what it would take to create a city that truly values the interests of its citizens; we hear from Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission Lucy Turnbull about how Sydney will grow to be three cities-in-one and why all must be more female friendly; we ask our leading designers and architects to name their biggest wish; and we look at the importance of Sydney’s cultural precincts and why they need to be lifted to the next level.

Also in the Summer issue, we look at research that shows weight training for over-55s can improve brain function as well as build muscles; we dive beneath the waves to check on our ocean kelp forests, which are being decimated by climate change and invading tropical fish; and we meet our long-lost relatives – a newly discovered not-so-ancient species of human that research suggests shared our neighbourhoods and also our beds.

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